[ISN] Azeri hackers attack Danish web sites

InfoSec News isn at c4i.org
Tue Feb 7 04:13:38 EST 2006



It seems that the new information-communication technologies are going
to be used for taking revenge on the case of cartoons of the holy
Muslim Prophet Mohammed.  As reports the web site Vlasti.Net,
Azerbaijani hackers have attacked several Denmark based web sites as a
revenge for publication of Mohammed's offensive cartoons. The hackers
themselves explain this attack as the light one and don't touch the
databases of the hacked web sites. Hackers expressed their protest by
simple defacing of the first pages of the Danish web sites.

Following are some URL.s of the Danish web sites provided by
Vlasti.Net which are "defaced" by Azerbaijani hackers:  
http://vaaren.dk; http://www.corecomputer.dk;  
http://www.roklub-forum.dk; http://www.inchrist.dk and

An image calling to "Jihad" appears instead of home pages of the web

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