[ISN] 2 Tigard High students face discipline over calls

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Tue Feb 7 04:13:50 EST 2006


February 07, 2006

Two Tigard High School students face possible expulsion after
harassing phone calls were made over the weekend to five teachers
using home numbers placed on the Web by a student hacker last week,
officials said.

Susan Stark Haydon, a spokeswoman for the Tigard-Tualatin School
District, would not identify the students, citing privacy concerns of

She said they face discipline up to expulsion for violating the
district's policy on threats of violence, hazing, harassment,
intimidation, bullying and menacing.

The latest incident follows that of another student who hacked into
the school's computer system and placed a slew of personal information
on the Web.

"It's been a painful learning experience," principal Pam Henslee said,
"and we hope that students know this is serious business."

She would not describe the calls but said they were considered
harassment because of their content, repetition and unwelcome nature.  
Some teachers reported getting calls nonstop in the middle of the
night for two to three hours, only to have the calls stop and start up
again the next day.

After the teachers reported the phone calls Monday morning, Henslee
got on the school's intercom and asked students for help. Two students
were identified, and they admitted making the calls, she said.

They used information posted sometime during the night of Jan. 30 by
another Tigard High student that included the roster of the
approximately 100-person school staff, staffers' month and day of
birth, home and cell phone numbers, home addresses, 18 e-mail
passwords along with two network administration passwords, and the
combinations of the school's approximately 2,000 lockers, which
subsequently had to be changed.

Jim Wolf, a Tigard Police Department spokesman, said the hacking case
is under investigation. If teachers want to pursue criminal charges,
they would have to report the harassment to police where they live.

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