[VIM] "CVENEW" messages to be posted to VIM during NVD outage

Christey, Steven M. coley at mitre.org
Wed Mar 13 15:35:27 CDT 2013

As VIM subscribers probably know, the National Vulnerability Database
(NVD) is having a temporary outage.  At http://nvd.nist.gov/, NIST
says "We are working to restore service as quickly as possible."

Many people rely on NVD feeds to learn about newly-updated CVEs.  The
CVE web site does not provide such feeds, since that would duplicate
NVD functionality.

However, the CVE project sends notification emails for newly-updated
CVEs to a limited set of CVE-compatible users, often several times a
day.  Until NVD service is reliably restored, I will be posting these
"CVENEW" messages to the Vulnerability Information Managers (VIM)
list.  While they do not contain the extra data that NVD provides,
such as CVSS and CPE names, hopefully this will help some people to
monitor new CVEs.

Note that the VIM list is not the place to post general vulnerability
announcements; it is specifically designed for maintainers of
vulnerability databases and information services.

Steve Christey
CVE Editor

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