[VIM] Could not find some ZDI-CAN-XXXX is pointing to which ZDI advisory

Narayan Agarwalla Narayan_Agarwalla at symantec.com
Thu Sep 20 11:35:24 CDT 2012

Hi ZDI team

I came across a HP advisory link.


In this advisory, HP are pointing

CVE-2012-3259 to ZDI-CAN-1461
CVE-2012-3260 to ZDI-CAN-1462
CVE-2012-3261 to ZDI-CAN-1463
CVE-2012-3262 to ZDI-CAN-1464
CVE-2012-3263 to ZDI-CAN-1465
CVE-2012-3264 to ZDI-CAN-1472

Is ZDI-CAN-1461, ZDI-CAN-1462, ZDI-CAN-1463, ZDI-CAN-1464, ZDI-CAN-1465, ZDI-CAN-1465, ZDI-CAN-1472 same as  ZDI-12-173, ZDI-12-174, ZDI-12-175, ZDI-12-176, ZDI-12-177, ZDI-12-178 advisories.

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