[VIM] vrdx list

Art Manion amanion at cert.org
Wed Dec 21 13:50:02 CST 2011



"This non-NIST mailing list is a follow-up from some of the discussions
that occurred during the "Future of Global Vulnerability Reporting"
track at the 7th Annual IT Security Automation Conference. The list is
intended to facilitate the discussion of how to exchange information
pertaining to vulnerabilities."

<mailto:majordomo at cert.org?body=subscribe%20vrdx%20%7byour_email_address_here%7d&subject=subscribe%20vrdx">

If the above link doesn't work, send mail to <majordomo at cert.org> with
"subscribe vrdx {email_address}" in the body.

There's nothing going on at the moment, but we expect some discussion
about vulnerability databases, tracking, naming, level of abstraction,
deconfliction, etc.  Things should pick up in January.  This discussion
has roots in USG circles, but one of the points of the list is to invite
others to the discussion.


 - Art

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