[VIM] Bugtraq Ids 37702 vs 43591

George A. Theall theall at tenable.com
Thu Sep 30 11:40:51 CDT 2010

The newly-created Bugtraq Id 43591 covers a SQL injection in a product  
named MyPhpAuction -- apparently user-input to the 'id' parameter of  
the 'product_desc.php' is not sanitized before being used in a  
database query. SecurityFocus gives as a PoC:


Notice the "zeeauctions_admin"? Looks like the product is just a  
rebranded version of that, no? And indeed, if you go to the product  
page (http://galaxyscriptz.com/products/MyPhpAuction-2010.html),  
you'll notice the demo links to http://www.canadianelitehosting.com/Demos/ZeeAuctions/ 
, which appears to be that based on its banner.

Given this, the BID seems to be a dup of BID 37702, which gives as a  


I'm not clear about the attribution, but this seems to correspond to  
EDB Id 11047 although it's been truncated (cut-and-paste error?).

Taking this into consideration, these two BIDs seem to be duplicates.  
Rob, did you guys at SecurityFocus look into this at all?

theall at tenablesecurity.com

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