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Hello Brian,

Oracle for Openview (OfO) is Oracle.  The only special characteristic of OfO is that HP provided it in a package with Openview.  We issued a Security Bulletin for OfO because there may have been customers who did not have support contracts with Oracle and could only get updates from HP.  The purpose of the Security Bulletin was to inform customers how to get the Oracle Critical Patch Updates.  

We no longer update the Security Bulletin.  HPSBMA02133 SSRT061201 rev.9 says:

Note: This will be the last revision of this Security Bulletin. Customers should monitor the Oracle site for future Critical Patch Updates. The schedule for future Oracle Critical Patch Updates is available here: http://www.oracle.com/technology/deploy/security/alerts.htm 

HP did not request Mitre to assign a CVE.  However, we did reference the CVE that Mitre assigned independently. 

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Hello HP,


This references CVE-2008-1666, which is not reference in the cpujul2008 Oracle update. Would you please clarify if this CVE identifier covers a vulnerability specific to OfO, or if this bulletin only covers vulnerabilities in the cpujul2008 advisory?

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