[VIM] [OSVDB Mods] FileRun vulns

Steven M. Christey coley at linus.mitre.org
Tue Jul 14 18:26:46 UTC 2009

On Tue, 14 Jul 2009, Steve Tornio wrote:

> r0t claims that 1.0 and earlier are affected, so that seems to be at odds
> with the vendor response.  Are you able to verify whether 1.0 is vulnerable?

r0t would only test the most obvious software downloads and/or the online
demos, so I'd take his claims of affected versions with a large grain of

(Steve, note that your posts are also going to the public VIM list)

Thanks for forwarding this, Ryan.

- Steve

> Covering these:
> > http://osvdb.org/search?search[vuln_title]=filerun&search[text_type]=titles<http://osvdb.org/search?search%5Bvuln_title%5D=filerun&search%5Btext_type%5D=titles>
> I'm going to update our entries with the new advisory URL.  If you come up
> with any additional info, feel free to forward it on, or mangle it up and
> we'll push out the update.
> Thanks,
> Steve
> osvdb.org

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