[VIM] bye milw0rm?!

Dennis Groves dennis.groves at gmail.com
Thu Jul 9 21:44:20 UTC 2009


I am glad to see the resource remain - it is really a very generous
and important contribution to the field of security. Thank you.

Perhaps you could automate the task, and/or open up the site to
volunteers (you trust) to validate and approve issues for the site to
help with the backlog and allow you to step away when it gets



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On Thu, Jul 9, 2009 at 9:18 PM, WebAPP<webapp at web-app.org> wrote:
> That's a great idea and how I have been doing it for the past couple years
> at my Web Directory. There are just too many to keep up with on a steady
> basis. 10,000 pending? Haha I don't think so but I try to keep up where I
> can.
> Anyways I'm glad to hear you are staying with the site str0ke. It's a great
> resource as well as you being an important contributor to the security
> community and the Web Development world in general.
> Thanks for all you have done.
> Jos Brown
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>> On Thu, 9 Jul 2009, str0ke wrote:
>> : I guess I'll take the many.  Way to many people unhappy with me over the
>> : idea of closing shop.  I just needed help which I have alot of people to
>> : choose from now.  Damn box died yesterday from the hits and I didn't
>> : have a stable internet connection to login to reboot it :(
>> Just make it clear. You get submissions, you handle them as you can, on
>> your schedule. =)

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