[VIM] 3rd annual VIM gathering?

userdefined at dc585.info userdefined at dc585.info
Mon Jul 7 23:00:11 UTC 2008

On Mon,07,Jul2008, jkouns wrote:

> Steve--
> We just started talking about plans for Vegas this year!  Yes, we are up  
> for the annual VIM gathering. And we are also talking about an OSVDB  
> dinner again.
> For the VIM gathering, I think we just need to pick something and make  
> it happen.  There seems to be parties every night!  Back to the Shadow  
> Bar again Wednesday?

What if you just mostly lurk and only contribute to OSVDB on a
sporadic basis... still welcome at either of these? How about if
pints of beer are offered as penance? ;)


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