[VIM] 3rd annual VIM gathering?

jkouns jkouns at opensecurityfoundation.org
Mon Jul 7 22:43:22 UTC 2008

We just started talking about plans for Vegas this year!  Yes, we are up 
for the annual VIM gathering. And we are also talking about an OSVDB 
dinner again.

For the VIM gathering, I think we just need to pick something and make 
it happen.  There seems to be parties every night!  Back to the Shadow 
Bar again Wednesday?

Steven M. Christey wrote:
> Are people up for a 3rd annual VIM gathering at Black Hat or Defcon this
> year?  Any suggestions for time and place?  If I recall correctly, last
> year we had a minor glitch because we accidentally chose the same
> place/time as the WASC gathering.
> - Steve

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