[VIM] Security-Basics Archive

Kai Dietrich cleeus at cs.tu-berlin.de
Thu Dec 18 16:46:59 UTC 2008

Hello .+,

I'm a student of Computer Science at the Berlin Institute of Technology and am 
currently writing my master thesis. As a part of this work I would like to 
analyze the securityfocus.com "Security Basics" mailinglist with datamining 
techniques (what were the topics and how did they change).

I wrote a mail to the moderator of the list and asked if I could get a 
maildir/mbox archive starting from day 1 but got no reply so far. Ofcourse I 
could crawl their archives but that wouldn't be very friendly.

Is there anyone here who happens to have a complete maildir/mbox from this 
list? Or is there someone who knows someone at securityfocus.com?

Thank you

Kai Dietrich

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