[VIM] Vendor ACK for CVE-2007-3677 (eVisit Analyst)

Steven M. Christey coley at linus.mitre.org
Wed Jul 18 15:49:59 UTC 2007

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2007 16:43:15 +0100
From: John Harrison
To: cve at mitre.org
Subject: CVE-2007-3677


The following entry on your website


The information presented on your website regarding this issue is not a
complete copy of the original Portcullis Security Advisory 06-057.

In particular it omits vital information including the following:

"The vendor has been notified and the vulnerability fixed."

Because of this omission your website implies that there is a current
problem with eVisit Analyst. This is not correct.

We would be grateful if you could correct this as a matter of urgency.



John Harrison
Maxsi Ltd

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