[VIM] [OSVDB Mods] Re: Lame Gimmicks (fwd)

security curmudgeon jericho at attrition.org
Sat Feb 24 08:16:20 EST 2007

re: Rixstep thread on Full-Disclosure:

Shortly after the original post in all that mess, I posted a blog entry to 
the OSVDB blog questioning who Rixstep was and why they mattered in the 
grand scheme of "Month of X bugs" trend (in so many words):


In response to this blog entry, they decided not to post a reply on the 
blog, but to specifically contact Jake, and only Jake, with a reply. Jake 
belatedly replied to them with confusion, since he was swamped with his 
day job and had no knowledge of my blog entry. They quickly replied.. time 
passed.. I replied, and Rixstep replied not even two hours later, 
suggesting I had no life or nothing better to do.

Fuckers, now I have to go dig up the entire mail thread with time stamps 
just to prove how lame these people are, and just how insignificant they 
really are. Adding this to the ever growing to-do list, after items I 
added three or more months ago on this list.

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Subject: [OSVDB Mods] Re: Lame Gimmicks

On Sat, 24 Feb 2007, contact at rixstep.com wrote:

: Christ Jesus you wee tosser - you got nothing better to do?
: You really have personality issues, don't you? LOL

I'm busy with my day job and providing security solutions to my clients
for the past few months causing my mails and replies to be considerably
late. I *finally* get around to catching up on my *hobby* project
(OSVDB.org) and send a quick mail to you and Jake (who you whined to even
though he had nothing to do with the original comments). In return, not
even two HOURS later, after my two MONTH late response, I receive this

If I post this thread in full, who do you think will come across as not
having anything better to do or having 'personality issues'?

Before you respond, consider that I have spent 10 minutes a month for the
last 10 years pointing out the charlatans in the security industry. What
has Rixstep been doing for the past ten years? I'll gladly take on the
title of 'tosser' if you will will agree to take on the title of
'charlatan'. Deal?


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