[VIM] CVE-2006-5823 (zlib_inflate): Alternate Vectors?

Matthew Murphy mattmurphy at kc.rr.com
Wed Feb 21 16:14:23 EST 2007

I see that some distros are just getting around to patching the
zlib_inflate vulnerability (CVE-2006-5823).  In the past, zlib has
been associated with some major security exposures, and so it
surprises me that this has been (largely) played down without
attention as a bug that allows you to bring down a box by mounting a
crafted file system that, oh-by-the-way, happens to use zlib.

Is anybody aware of other (promising or disastrous, depending on how
you look at it) potential exploit vectors for this beyond kernel-mode
file system code -- e.g., network client libraries?  If not, is anyone
aware of why it seems this hole got so little attention?  Is it
sufficiently hard to trigger that most environments wouldn't allow

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