[VIM] Vendor dispute - CVE-2006-1050 (Kwik-Pay)

Justin Seitz jms at bughunter.ca
Fri Feb 16 03:07:23 EST 2007

Ok, this is my favourite of all time:

Note that an encrypted Kwik-Pay database cannot be compressed by the
backup process in Kwik-Pay and therefore will not fit on a floppy disk.

The password you enter will be requested every time you open the payroll.
If you forget the password you will not be able to access the data.

To unencrypt an encrypted Kwik-Pay database, leave the password blank and
then click OK.

So 1) if you encrypt NO backup 2) to decrypt just leave the password
blank......wow....and this 'dude' was acting very undudely over a
filename? Best not be messin' with them OSVDB gangstas.


> On Thu, 15 Feb 2007, Steve Tornio wrote:
>> Oh well, he also said I need to find a more productive use of my time.
>> Like not continuing my discussion with him, I think :)
> There I go, not having an opinion again.
> - Steve

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