[VIM] Vendor dispute - CVE-2006-1050 (Kwik-Pay)

Steve Tornio steve at vitriol.net
Thu Feb 15 22:35:02 EST 2007

Sullo wrote:

>  And secondly, if
> the Kwik-Pay person's goal is to keep the issue hush-hush and get it off
> the internets, I wonder if he's noticed the VIM archives over on
> attrition.org...   :-)

I've actually had a little bit of an email exchange, and he's a lost 
cause.  Somehow, the fact that OSVDB included the filename of the 
default database as a vector is a cardinal sin, and horrifyingly 
inaccurate, but databases existing unencrypted and available to any 
local user isn't a big deal.  So, I modified the entry to be more like 
Secunia, and state that all databases are trivially available, and 
that's somehow better in his mind.

Oh well, he also said I need to find a more productive use of my time. 
Like not continuing my discussion with him, I think :)


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