[VIM] [OT] Beers in Virginia

Aviram Jenik aviram at beyondsecurity.com
Thu Feb 15 09:44:40 EST 2007

Sorry to hijack the mailing list for totally irelevant purposes, but I noticed 
that the DC/Virginia area has a lot of security experts and no organized 
meeting forum (at least, that I know of).

I know that several of the members of the list are from that area, and as for 
us - we have an office in McLean, which is normally populated by sales people 
but gets occasional visits from Noam, Gadi and myself once in a while. I 
think it could be nice to arrange informal meetings for 
beers/steaks/coffee/pool/whatever with or without the pretense of talking 
about security problems and how to solve them. I'm thinking about a social 
gathering that gives a chance to put faces to emails.

If there's already a "club" that I don't know about, feel free to enlighten me 
(but let me know if they accept people like me - obviously I can't join if 
they do). If not, here's a call for action:

Next Friday, the 23rd at the Rock Bottom Brewery in Ballston Mall. 
Possible alternatives: Any other day of the week next week, and any other beer 
or pool place in the Northern Virginia/DC/Maryland area.

Any takers?

(list managers: let me know if I'm completely out of line with this)

- Aviram

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