[VIM] Tuesday flood

Aviram Jenik aviram at beyondsecurity.com
Thu Feb 15 04:01:30 EST 2007

On Thursday 15 February 2007 02:31, Steven M. Christey wrote:
> I like Brian's idea (perfect storm, brilliant!), and it feels like a
> pattern, but... does anybody have the data to figure this out
> automatically without manual data collection?  

At SecuriTeam we have the date OUR advisory was published, although it might 
be off by +-1 from the original depending on the timezone, the time we picked 
it up on the wire, additional time if we needed to verify it, etc. So if 
you're looking for days-of-the-week patterns I don't think it's very 
accurate, but if you're looking for days-of-month (or busiest period of the 
year) it might help establish a pattern.

There's an auto-generated page at:
that shows some examples.

> - Steve

- Aviram

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