[VIM] SquirrelMail GPG Plugin Vulnerabilities

security curmudgeon jericho at attrition.org
Sun Dec 2 04:38:05 UTC 2007

: I'm trying to make sense of the spate of recent vulnerabilities 
: associated with the GPG Plugin for SquirrelMail.
: [concise summary of mail list traffic]
: So, how are you VDB folks sorting all this out? I've noticed so far that 
: Bugtraq 24782 maps to WabiSabiLabi's advisory (although oddly it claims 
: the issue has now been resolved with version 2.1 of the plugin) and 
: 24828 to Esser's posting.
: Am I getting all this straight?

Looks like it. I just now caught up on mail and read through these and 
decided I don't have time to sort them vs changelogs. It's discouraging 
to see so many researchers, many reliable when they do formal 
vulnerability disclosure, dispense information with no real details or 

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