[VIM] Pixlie 1.7 (pixlie.php root) Remote File Inclusion Vulnerability

str0ke str0ke at milw0rm.com
Tue Aug 14 13:30:48 UTC 2007

Your right this is a remote file disclosure vulnerability.  fopen
calls.  Changing it on my end.


On 8/13/07, George A. Theall <theall at tenablesecurity.com> wrote:
> Has anyone had a chance to look at Milw0rm 4278 yet? It's light on
> details, but it would seem to involve the 'root' parameter in the
> 'pixlie.php' script. From the 1.7 distribution, the relevant code seems
> to be:
>    //$root = "/home/www/IhrBenutzer/html";
>    ..
>    if(!isset($root)){$root = $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'];}
> Following that, there are some defines that make use of $root, but I
> don't see any instances of include(), require(), include_once(),
> require_once() or even eval() anywhere in the supposedly-affected file.
> So what am I missing?
> George
> --
> theall at tenablesecurity.com

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