[VIM] NIST.org - XSS Hall of Shame (fwd)

security curmudgeon jericho at attrition.org
Mon Nov 20 20:12:20 EST 2006

: > On the topic of site specific vulnerabilities.. this list is interesting.
: > Not only the size of the list, but the fact that NIST is publishing it and
: > acting as a watchdog of sorts.
: As the bottom of the site says:
:   "NIST.org is in no way connected to the U.S. government site NIST.gov"

Yah, the top is still misleading. Didn't NIST.gov used to have an eagle on 
their page? If not, some .gov sites did. The link to the nist.gov 
resources on the right side too. Add to that the color scheme, and it is 
pretty deceptive.

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