[VIM] extra issues fixed by MS06-067

Steven M. Christey coley at mitre.org
Tue Nov 14 15:50:47 EST 2006

from the FAQ for DirectAnimation ActiveX Controls Memory Corruption
Vulnerabilities - CVE-2006-4446 and CVE-2006-4777:

  When this security bulletin was issued, had these vulnerabilities
  been publicly disclosed?

  Yes. These vulnerabilities have been publicly disclosed. They have
  been assigned Common Vulnerability and Exposure numbers
  CVE-2006-4446 and CVE-2006-4777. This security bulletin addresses
  the publicly disclosed vulnerabilities as well as additional issues
  discovered through internal investigations.

CVE is using CVE-2006-5884 to track these "additional issues," which
*might* be in Danim.dll and/or Lmrt.dll.

- Steve

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