[VIM] interesting thought

Mark J Cox mjc at redhat.com
Fri May 19 09:07:46 EDT 2006

> be great. seeing there were 60% w/o solutions in 1999, and 80% w/o solutions 
> in 2005 for example. of course, this also requires the data to be kept up to 
> date pretty hardcore, but still.

The only difficulty with such metrics for multi-vendor software is 
choosing what date to count.  Say for the Linux kernel is it the date a 
patch was posted to a mailing list, or the day it got approved (hence is 
now official), or the day it got committed, or the day a new kernel was 
rolled, or for a Red Hat customer it's the day Red Hat released a kernel 
with a fix (which could be before or in the middle or after any of those 
dates).  Indeed, vendors often fix issues of low severity or which are 
disputed or hard that never get fixed upstream, so these are really "no 
solution to everyone apart from if you have a distribution from X or Y"

(For Red Hat we publish the date an issue was first public and the date we 
released an update for all issues)


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