[VIM] vendor dispute policy

jkouns jkouns at opensecurityfoundation.org
Wed May 17 01:28:09 EDT 2006

I would love to take a look so if you are willing then send it over. 
OSVDB is automating vendor disputes in our Vulnerability Disclosure 
Framework project (we should finally have our developers thanks to 
Google Summer of Code!).  We have rough ideas together on the "policy" 
but have been more focused on the process to help vendors and the 
notifications required.  Contacting researchers, vendors and other VDBs 
with dispute and updates information....

Steven M. Christey wrote:
> All,
> I'm not ready to post it publicly, but I just wrote up a rough draft
> of a vendor dispute policy for CVE.  If you want to see it, let me
> know, but please don't publish it - though you should feel free to
> steal any words or ideas.
> Maybe someday I'll get to that "best available information"
> document...
> - Steve

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