[VIM] "PHP Script Index" a site-specific issue?

Steven M. Christey coley at mitre.org
Fri Mar 31 02:41:32 EST 2006

Refs: BID:17297, FRSIRT:ADV-2006-1158, SECUNIA:19443

None of these refs had the original raw report, but OSVDB:24243 did:


from this raw report, Preddy discusses "PHP Script Index", but I can't
find any information on a product by this name.  Preddy's
demonstration URL is site-specific - to a web site that just happens
to be an index of many PHP scripts.  Searching for "PHP Script Index"
on this phpmaniacs web site finds nothing.  Searching for "<abc>"
yields a message containing an unquoted <abc>.

Preddy claims the vendor URL is this:


but it's just a regular web index.

Google searches suggest that there might have been a "PHP Script
Index" available on nukedweb at one time, but URLs are now broken.

Does anybody know if this is/was really a product or if Preddy was
reporting the issue in a single site?  Assuming this was a real
product, how can we know for sure that the site mentioned by Preddy
was really running this particular piece of deadware?

- Steve

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