[VIM] Who or what is Total Ecommerce?

security curmudgeon jericho at attrition.org
Mon Mar 13 03:52:51 EST 2006

: A little Googling shows what appears to be a single web site:
:   http://www.superasp.com.br/totalecommerce/index.asp
: which uses the "secao" parameter as referenced by nukedx, but the 
: "product site" claimed by nukedx - http://www.totalecommerce.com - 
: appears to be a commercial index for various e-commerce resources.

searching for 'index.asp?secao':

http://www.novotempo.org.br/lojavirtual/index.asp?secao=2&categoria=76&subcategoria ...
http://www.amb.com.br/portal/index.asp?secao=mostranoticia&mat_id=2793 ...

Given they are all .bz sites, i'm thinking 'secao' may be a fairly common 
variable name. The vendor URL as you point out seems like a link 
site/portal, not a site offering software for download.

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