[VIM] VDB nightmare day? (humor)

security curmudgeon jericho at attrition.org
Tue Apr 25 18:44:06 EDT 2006

: > Microsoft, Apple, Oracle and Ethereal all release advisories on the same
: > day.
: We came quite close to that recently, didn't we? :)

Very close yes =) That is impetus behind this post actually.

: > Who else would add to the nightmare?
: Mozilla.

This last batch yes.. before that has been pretty tame.

: Any new PROTOS project.

True, but a nightmare on a different level (for OSVDB anyway). Less that 
it generates a lot of entries, more that it is a pain trying to track what 
is affected.

: r0t re-energized after a vacation.
: Any of the thousands of people who could produce on r0t's level if only 
: they realized how easy it is to be 75% correct and generate big vuln 
: counts in most software.

I've thought about this the last couple of weeks as well. Your term of 
"grep and gripe" vuln research stuck in my head, and I was trying to come 
up with an equally amusing and accurate term for the XSS cut/paste and ' 
testing that leads to so many reports these days.

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