[VIM] FleXiBle Development Script Remote Command Exucetion And XSS Attacking

security curmudgeon jericho at attrition.org
Fri Apr 14 05:53:52 EDT 2006

: >FleXiBle Development (FXB)
: Is this a web site, product, or service?  A Google search yields very
: little information, except for the original Bugtraq post.  I cannot
: find any information on this.
: >Web: http://www.ahbruinsma.nl
: As of April 3, you cannot read the front page.  The web site requires
: authentication.


This shows some content, but also makes calls back to the original site 
asking for auth =) So escape past auth requests and you start to see the 
original page it looks like. Nothing on this page looks to be downloadable 
software which is our criteria for a VDB entry.


Tons more auth requests, no more help.


Not in Archive.

The page you requested has not been archived.


Not in Archive.

The page you requested has not been archived. 


Those are the only 4 entries in archive.org, none of which give an obvious 
link, but I honestly didn't dig much. This is already adding up to way too 
circumstancial to spend more time on.

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