[VIM] Neohapsis links broken for March

security curmudgeon jericho at attrition.org
Mon Apr 3 00:37:03 EDT 2006

: FYI, from the Neohapsis front page:
:   Mar 20, 2006 - There was an error in the archive rotation process at
:   the beginning of March. Posts destined for a 2006-03 March archive
:   were instead added to the existing 2006-02 February archive. All
:   month-based lists were affected. We have corrected the problem by
:   regenerating the 2006-02 archives and moving all March posts to
:   2006-03 archives. However, the March posts have been shuffled to a
:   new location, which means external/third-party links to the
:   erroneous February archive locations may no longer work. We
:   apologize for this inconvenience.

This hurt us pretty bad since OSVDB uses them heavily. The real 
unfortunate part is that I mailed them on the 7th to notify them the 
rotation hadn't occured. 13 days later they fixed it, causing a big mess 
of links to go bad.

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