[VIM] Saphp Lesson

security curmudgeon jericho at attrition.org
Sat Oct 29 14:53:36 EDT 2005

: I've been cruising Google for a while, and it took ages to figure out 
: what "saphp" is/was.  I tried alternate spellings such as "saphplesson" 
: and "saphp lesson", to no avail.  The only matches were vulnerability 
: reports.
: However, "saphpLesson2.0" seems to point to various web sites that use 
: showcat.php and the forumid parameter.  The sites are using some Arabic 
: language.  The "dros/" part of the URL does not seem to be inherent to 
: the product.
: The source site may have been www.saphp.com, but the site currently 
: doesn't have any information on it.

Yep, I had to use archive.org to find older versions, and even reported 
this web site to zone-h as a defacement. It only said "lord byron" (with 
elite speak), which I believe is a known defacer.

archive.org didnt help much as the site is in arabic(?)

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