[VIM] Re: Diabolic Crab history

security curmudgeon jericho at attrition.org
Wed May 25 01:23:48 EDT 2005

: The tarinasworld example is already noted with a question mark in CVE 
: (CAN-2005-0994), but thanks for the info on storelocator_submit.asp not 
: being in ProductCart (CAN-2005-0995).  I've since updated CAN-2005-0995 
: accordingly.

tarinasworld is due to him auditing a live site and finding a 
vulnerability on it.. something that he, Lostmon and several others are 
doing frequently. this is a real bother to me as many of the 
vulnerabilities may be found in modified/custom versions like we've seen. 

so the tarinasworld issue he reported is only vulnerable on a single site 
on the net probable. being site specific, we don't include it.

if the vulnerability lies in the journal code distributed with the 
package, he didn't clearly identify that.

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