[VIM] Iron Bars SHell format string - two, not one

Steven M. Christey coley at mitre.org
Tue May 24 19:39:25 EDT 2005

diff analysis on source code for Iron Bars SHell between 0.3c and 0.3d
- available from the sourceforge site - shows that in fact there were
two format string issues related to syslog misuse, not just one, as
reported by the developer.  More specifically, logPrintBadfile() in
delbadfiles.c and log_attempt() in misc.c.

diff ibsh-0.3[cd]/misc.c
<   syslog(LOG_WARNING, logmsg);
>   syslog(LOG_WARNING, "%s", logmsg);

diff ibsh-0.3[cd]/delbadfiles.c
<   syslog(LOG_WARNING, msg);
>   syslog(LOG_WARNING, "%s", msg);

- Steve

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