[VIM] GAs Guestbook & Ultimate Forum - odd

security curmudgeon jericho at attrition.org
Tue May 17 16:48:35 EDT 2005

GAs Guest Book

Ultimate Forum

Same vendor so this attack being in common makes sense. However, hitting 
the vendor web page I don't see 'Ultimate Forum' listed on the product 
links anywhere (GAs Guest Book is there). Secunia lists the vendor for the 
guestbook as http://www.4u2ges.com/gb/gb.htm, the original posts say 
http://www.gurgensvbstuff.com. GA = Gurgen Alaverdian and both sites are 
owned by GASoft. The 4u2ges site has "GA's Forum" but no "Ultimate Forum" 
making me wonder if this affects "GA's Forum" instead.

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