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Sun May 15 00:34:56 EDT 2005

FYI, don't think I originally sent to the list.

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Hi Brian,
For the 3. yes just multiple variables of these scripts are affected, i didn't 
give much details about the 4. to not see the sites using claroline in the 
onhold list on zone-h the next day.. :P but for sure i can give you:
i didn't know you were part of osvdb jericho, good job!

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> Hi Siegfried,
> http://archives.neohapsis.com/archives/bugtraq/2005-04/0467.html
> In reference to the advisory on Claroline, can you provide a few more details 
> so that I can properly enter these vulnerabilities in the Open Source 
> Vulnerability Database (osvdb.org)?
> You state: Multiple Cross site scripting, 10 SQL injection, 7 directory
>  traversal and 4 remote file inclusion vulnerabilities have been found in
>  Claroline.
>  3)Multiple directory traversal vulnerabilities in
>  "claroline/document/document.php" and
>  "claroline/learnPath/insertMyDoc.php" could allow project administrators
>  (teachers) to upload files in arbitrary folders or copy/move/delete (then
>  view) files of arbitrary folders by performing directory traversal
>  attacks.
> Of the directory traversals, are these the only two scripts affected, and the 
> 7 come from different variables? Or are other scripts also affected?
>  4)Four remote file inclusion vulnerabilities have been discovered.
> Can you share which files are affected?
> Thanks!
> Brian
> OSVDB.org

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