[VIM] Original quartzcomposer-dev refs for Quartz Composer infoleak

Steven M. Christey coley at mitre.org
Sat May 14 00:00:51 EDT 2005

David Remahl's post on Quartz Composer (DR018, CAN-2005-1579) alluded
to a public post on the quartzcomposer-dev mailing list that prompted
him to disclose.  I dug up the relevant URLs from that list:

 MLIST:[quartzcomposer-dev] 20050510 Quartz Quicktime embedded in
                            remote webpages...

 MLIST:[quartzcomposer-dev] 20050511 Re: Quartz Quicktime embedded in
                            remote webpages...


... though there were other posts in the same thread, too.

- Steve

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