[VIM] Differences between ASPNuke (ASP Nuke? ASP-Nuke?) and aspnuke?

Steven M. Christey coley at mitre.org
Wed Jun 29 13:57:36 EDT 2005


  BUGTRAQ:20050627 aspnuke is vulnerable to sql injection

The poster says "remember aspnuke is [quite different] from asp-nuke."

I can't figure out *how* or *why*, though.

www.aspnuke.com, referenced in the Bugtraq post, isn't working.

But some other posts for "ASP Nuke" earlier that week, such as this:

  BUGTRAQ:20050626 M4DR007-07SA (security advisory): Multiple vulnerabilities in ASP Nuke 0.80

Also use "www.aspnuke.com" as the vendor.  But a completely different

Then there's "asp-nuke.com," which appears to be the "asp-nuke" that
is referred to in the first post.

Anybody know what's going on?  Are there 2 "ASP Nuke" products or
three?  Which bug report goes with which product?

- Steve

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