[VIM] Source code verification of DVBBS XSS in showerr.asp/action

Steven M. Christey coley at mitre.org
Tue Jul 19 15:44:40 EDT 2005

Refs: CAN-2005-2318, BID:14223

Issue: XSS in DVBBS 7.1 via action parameter of showerr.asp

While trying to find more information on this issue, I accidentally
ran across a couple showerr.asp source files that were being served
unparsed on various sites.

Source code review shows that the action parameter is not quoted.  I
haven't done a live test.

[5] action=Request("action")
[14]Select Case action
[15]	Case "stop"'ÂÛ̳ÔÝÍ£
[56]	Case "iplock"'IP±»ÏÞ
[65]	Case "limitedonline"'ÔÚÏß±»ÏÞ
[71]	Case "OtherErr"
[90]	Case "readonly"
[132]	Case "lock"
[142]	Case "plus"
[158]	Case Else
[165]		template.html(0)=Replace(template.html(0),"{$action}",action)

If the action parameter has XSS in it, then the code would fall
through to the "Case Else" and its value would be directly inserted
into the template.

A quick glance suggests that there may be some other XSS issues as

- Steve

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