[VIM] ACK Inquiry sent on Blackboard Systems

Stuart Moore smoore at securityglobal.net
Sun Dec 18 23:15:08 EST 2005


If you don't get a quick answer, you should try contacting the PR folks. 
  PR people generally don't know anything about the technical stuff, but 
they are often good at getting you in touch w/ the right people.

 From the web site:

Public Relations Inquiries
Melissa Chotiner
Public Relations Manager
Blackboard Inc.
202-463-4860 ext. 2404
mchotiner at blackboard.com

Good luck,


Steven M. Christey wrote:
> Re: the Blackboard Academic Suite / Learning and Community Portal
> System issues as reported by dr_insane (CVE-2005-4337, CVE-2005-4338,
> CVE-2005-4339, CVE-2005-4340, CVE-2005-4341).
> This seems heavily used, so I tried to send an inquiry.
> Everything on the site required registration, so I was forced to use
> the web feedback form at:
>   http://www.blackboard.com/company/contactother.aspx?c=Website
> The first sentence of the inquiry says:
>   I am trying to inquire about multiple security vulnerabilities in
>   your product, but I cannot contact tech support because registration
>   is required.
> :-)
> - Steve

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