[VIM] Vendor dispute of Land Down Under issues

security curmudgeon jericho at attrition.org
Mon Aug 29 16:59:48 EDT 2005

: The front page of the Land Down Under site includes a news item
: "Regarding LDU at SecurityFocus.com" that disputes the original claims
: of SQL injection/XSS issues in LDU:
:   Regarding LDU at SecurityFocus.com
:   21-08-2005 05:25
:   Since yesterday there's 2 new items about LDU at
:   http://www.securityfocus.com, about "security exploits" that may
:   affect LDU build 800. None of the tricks written there are working,
:   the variables are properly sanitized and no LDU version is
:   affected. This morning I notified the moderators of the site.
:   The 2 articles are here :
:   http://securityfocus.com/bid/14618/exploit
:   http://securityfocus.com/bid/14619/exploit
:   I'll post here as soon as possible if there's updates regarding this
:   topic.
:   *UPDATE*
:   A little "Hello!" to all the people trying the non-working URLs here
:   at Neocrome.net, you will be forever famous in the log :]

Interesting. Original disclosure AND two subsequent posts with 
vulnerabilities. Makes me wonder if LDU is playing the 'deny everything' 

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Mon Aug 29 2005

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