[VIM] Regarding Dragonfly Commerce CAN-2005-2220

security curmudgeon jericho at attrition.org
Thu Aug 4 07:40:38 EDT 2005

: Hi.  The public threats have been removed from the vendor's web site, 
: but we've got copies.  I can send it if you'd like.  But I don't really 
: want to publicly take this vendor to task, as I believe they are very 
: small and that it was just one person who went overboard.  It might 
: someday make a nice story (with the vendor's name removed) of a "how not 
: to respond" guide.

I'd love to see them off list. On top of curiosity, it is exactly the 
kind of thing I would reference in an article or comments on such things 
(without naming the vendor if the material wasn't public).


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