[VIM] Errors and oddities in Phorum 5.0.11 XSS/SQl injection

security curmudgeon jericho at attrition.org
Wed Aug 3 06:32:36 EDT 2005

Good catch here..

: OSVDB:11129 read.php SQL injection
: SECUNIA:12980 - generic XSS and SQL injection

My internal note from 2004-10-24:

jericho: not sure where secunia gets the XSS, the original advisory just 
mentions one sql injection

: - Positive Technologies releases report on SQL injection in read.php
:   query string for Phorum 5.0.11
:   MISC:http://www.maxpatrol.com/advdetails.asp?id=15
:   MISC:http://www.maxpatrol.com/mp_advisory.asp

Which is what I read that lead to above comment. Back then, I wasn't 
digging into changelogs as heavily as I do now.

: - Phorum releases 5.0.12.  Changelog says "XSS really gone now" and
:   "two instances of "fixed sql-injection issue"
:   http://phorum.org/changelog-5.txt
:   Not enough detail for me to be sure they fixed the SQL injection
:   issue.

Release: phorum.5.0.12
   * XSS really gone now - ts77 (10/27/2004)
   * fixed sql-injection issue - ts77 (10/25/2004)
   * fixed sql-injection issue - ts77 (10/24/2004)

:    http://phorum.org/cvs-changelog-5.txt
:   * shows SQL injection in read.php *AND* file.php
:   * lists XSS is in search.php

   * XSS really gone now - ts77 (10/27/2004)
      - /search.php
      - /search.php

   * fixed sql-injection issue - ts77 (10/25/2004)
      - /read.php
      - /read.php

   * fixed sql-injection issue - ts77 (10/24/2004)
      - /file.php
      - /file.php

:   - VDB's linked the XSS to Positive Technologies - but they never
:     report XSS

I'd guess Secunia originally mentioned both vulns in their advisory, 
credited a single source instead of breaking it up.

:   - some VDB's only had the vendor changelog and so didn't know it was
:     readphp
:   - all/most VDB's missed that there are 2 SQL injections, one for
:     read.php and one for file.php

At the time the ptsecurity.ru site had almost no details, mentioned one 
SQL injection and I didn't dig into the changelog. So I was blindly 
following the information in front of me (not so bad in this case, as it 
was accurate at least), but I should have dug further.
:   - some VDB's said the XSS was for read.php but there's no evidence
:     of it.

Right, I think they were mixing up the 2nd SQL Injection with the 
search.php XSS issue. 

Off to make two more entries!

Again, very good catch here.


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