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1. What's New in the Latest Issue

     April 2006 Issue
     - Focus: Containing Your Wireless Network Signals
     - Feature: 3 Ways to Rein in Your Wireless Signals
     - Access Denied
     - Toolbox: Avoid Risky Rules with Netsh

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==== 1. What's New in the Latest Issue ====

April 2006 Issue

Focus: Containing Your Wireless Network Signals
   Who knew that adding security to your wireless APs could be as simple as 
adding a reflector to their antennas? Learn about this low-cost safety 
mechanism, get instructions for configuring SSL/TLS, and find out about a new 
password-cracking tool.

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3 Ways to Rein in Your Wireless Signals
   You can use three basic methods to limit wireless network radio signals. 
Here's how they work.
   --Mark Joseph Edwards

Nonsubscribers now have access to the Access Denied and Toolbox columns: 

Access Denied
   --Randy Franklin Smith

Locating the User Causing Failures on a Folder
   Examining event ID 560 and associated event IDs 528, 540, and 592 will 
give you the answers you need.

Determining Who Enabled an Account
   The answer might lie in the Security event log of your Windows DC.

Distinguishing User Account Reenablements from Creations
   User account creations create a telltale pattern in the Security log of 
event ID 624, followed by several instances of event ID 642 interspersed with 
event IDs 626 and 628.

Viewing the Security Settings on a Computer
   The GPMC Group Policy Results feature lets you obtain a report of all the 
effective Group Policy settings (including security settings) from a system.

The Two "Generate Resultant Set of Policy" Permissions
   Use the "Generate Resultant Set of Policy (Planning)" permission and 
report when you're testing what-if scenarios and the "Generate Resultant Set of 
Policy (Logging)" permission and report when you need to know the actual status 
of a computer or user.


Avoid Risky Rules With Netsh
   You can use Netsh's firewall context to audit Windows Firewall configurations on 
users' computers.
   --Jeff Fellinge

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