[ISN] Book Review: High-Tech Crimes Revealed

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Wed Mar 22 02:37:38 EST 2006

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High-Tech Crimes Revealed
Cyberwar Stories from the Digital Front
Steven Branigan
ISBN: 0-321-21873-6
Addison-Wesley, Copyright 2005

I found this book just after Christmas (Dec 2005) and grabbed it
hoping for a decent read about computer crimes and sociology, backed
by real world experience and first hand tales from the 'digital
front'. Instead, I got the worst collection of naive and inexperienced
crap I have read in a long time. After paying money for this book, I
feel as if I have fallen victim to a lame phishing scam. It is
important to note that this book is copyright 2005, and says the first
printing was in August 2004. It puts the entire book into perspective
and quickly makes you question the author's credentials. In fact, if
this book wasn't written in the mid to late 90's, shelved for almost
ten years, and eventually printed, then Branigan should never claim
any affiliation with the computer security industry/community.


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