[ISN] Three Fidesz workers suspended over hacking of MSZP server

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Wed Mar 1 02:46:30 EST 2006


Michael Logan
February 27, 2006 

Main opposition party Fidesz has suspended the three men believed 
responsible for hacking into the election campaign website of the 
ruling Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP). The unnamed men were blamed 
for using the Fidesz server to hack into the website and download 
around 3,000 files, something that Fidesz initially denied before 
shifting the blame onto the "overzealous" employees. Police have asked 
Fidesz for the three workers' names.

Counter-claims appear effective

Fidesz leader Viktor Orbán has attempted to play down the incident, 
despite the fact that police are now investigating, and other party 
members have claimed that the MSZP has committed similar crimes in the 
past. Daily Népszabadság claimed that Prime Minister Ferenc 
Gyurcsány's campaign schedule has now been thrown into doubt, as have 
many of the documents related to his speeches and itinerary. The paper 
said that Gyurcsány would now have to change his route around the 
country and change his speeches.

However, it would seem that, despite the MSZP's efforts to draw 
attention to what it believes is a serious incident, polls conducted 
after the goings-on found that people do not particularly care. 
Pollsters found that, despite the vast majority of people saying 
information should not be collected by illegal means, only 10% 
believed that either party had used underhand methods in the campaign 
so far.  

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