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1. In Focus: A Dozen Security Patches and Several Related Exploits

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==== 1. In Focus: A Dozen Security Patches and Several Related Exploits 
   by Mark Joseph Edwards, News Editor, mark at ntsecurity / net

As you hopefully know by now, Microsoft released a dozen security 
patches last week. Microsoft rated eight of the patches as critical, 
meaning that the related problems could be exploited without user 
interaction to possibly spread a worm. The remaining four patches are 
rated important, meaning that the related problem could be exploited to 
compromise sensitive information, hinder access to data, or affect 
availability and integrity of processing resources. 

After Microsoft releases security patches, intruders often quickly 
release exploits that take advantage of the vulnerabilities or 
researchers sometimes discover that previously known security problems 
still exist and that the latest batch of patches left problems unfixed. 
This past week was no different. 

Reading the Handler's Diary blog at SANS Internet Storm Center (at the 
URL below) last week, I learned that the day after Microsoft released 
its security patches, there were at least six new exploits. 
Fortunately, two of those exploits, which affect Microsoft Windows 
Media Player and RRAS, were released by a security vendor to its 
customers, so those weren't floating around in the wild. Another 
exploit, which affects TCP/IP networking, was released privately, so it 
wasn't in the wild either. Yet another exploit, which affects Microsoft 
Word, was already in the wild before the related patch was released. 
That leaves at least two new exploits that are in the wild, both of 
which affect Server Message Block (SMB) and could be used to elevate 
privileges or hide a running process.

These last two exploits caught my attention because installing the 
patch in the related Microsoft Security Bulletin MS06-030: 
Vulnerability in Server Message Block Could Allow Elevation of 
Privilege doesn't completely fix the security problems. Even with the 
patch installed, vulnerability remains, although to an arguably lesser 

Ruben Santamarta, who runs the reversemode.com Web site, posted a 
message to SecurityFocus's BugTraq mailing list (at the URL below) in 
which he stated in reference to MS06-030, "Microsoft has not fixed the 
NtClose/ZwClose DeadLock vulnerability.... I think that the Driver 
Developer community should be informed that using NtClose/ZwClose, the 
driver will be exposed to a security issue by default."

Santamarta published a document on his Web site that discusses the 
problem in considerable technical detail (at the URL below). If I 
understand correctly, Santamarta has found that a malware writer could 
use the still existing vulnerability to essentially hide a process. As 
demonstrated in one of his published exploits, even if you try to 
terminate the process, it will disappear but not actually stop running. 
This of course gives the malware writer a great way to avoid malware 
removal. Santamarta's proof of concept points out that Microsoft needs 
to fix this problem sooner rather than later. 

Finally, another exploit you need to be aware of, which isn't related 
to Microsoft's June release of patches, is a zero-day exploit released 
last week that affects Microsoft Excel. At the time of this writing, no 
patch was available from Microsoft to correct the problem. The problem 
is serious in that it allows the execution of arbitrary code when 
someone opens an affected Excel document. Security vendors are working 
to provide detection of this exploit, so hopefully you'll have the 
protection you need by the time you read this newsletter.


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Recent Security Vulnerabilities
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Alerts, which inform you about recently discovered security 
vulnerabilities. You can also find information about these 
discoveries at

Microsoft's Takes Security to the Forefront
   At TechEd 2006 last week in Boston, Microsoft announced its 
Forefront brand and the launch of ISA Server 2006. Forefront will 
include solutions for clients, servers, and the network boundary. Find 
out what products will be included and when you can expect to see them. 

Will Ethereal Be Devoured by Wireshark?
   Ethereal has long been the tool of choice among countless network 
administrators for robust packet capturing and protocol analysis. Now 
the hugely popular open source tool has a new name, Wireshark, and a 
new sponsor to go along with it. 

SmartLine DeviceLock Minireview
   SmartLine's DeviceLock lets you manage device security for portable 
devices by assigning users access levels to network devices and 
interfaces, such as USB and infrared ports, wireless network adapters, 
and removable storage devices. Read Trisha Pendley's minireview on our 
Web site. 


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