[ISN] Laptop with City Employees' Info Stolen

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Mon Jun 19 03:41:16 EDT 2006


June 18, 2006

Washington (AP) - Information on 13,000 D.C. government workers and
retirees has been stolen, along with the laptop computer where it was

Officials with ING Financial Services say the Social Security numbers
and other information on the employees were stored on computer that
was stolen from an ING employee's Southeast Washington home. ING
administers the District's retirement plan.

Company officials say the laptop was stolen on Monday but they didn't
notify the city about the theft until late Friday because they had to
figure out what information was stored on the computer.

The laptop was not protected by a password or encryption. ING alerting
all affected account holders to the risk of identity theft. The
company will set up and pay for a year of credit monitoring and
identity fraud protection.

City officials say they're concerned that the information was not
protected, and that the company waited so long to report it.

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