[ISN] NBA investigates security breach

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Fri Jun 16 04:28:56 EDT 2006


By Tom D'Angelo
Palm Beach Post Staff Writer
June 15, 2006

MIAMI - NBA security continues to investigate a breach that allowed
two women who were unauthorized to enter the Dallas Mavericks' locker
room following Miami's Game 3 victory and wander into the showers.

Dallas forward Josh Howard chased the women out of the showers. They
then were escorted out of the building. No arrests were made.

"We're continuing to review the situation but we will certainly have
enhanced security for the remaining games of the series," NBA
spokesperson Tim Frank said.

Some Mavericks players believe the women took pictures with camera
phones before the phones were confiscated. The NBA would not comment
on the possibility that pictures were taken.

"There have been situations in the NBA where things happen, but that
might be the wildest situation that I have ever seen," Mavericks guard
Darrell Armstrong said. "I have never seen that before."


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