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Hello ISN readers,

I have a brief announcement I would like to make.

The speaker selection for Black Hat USA 2006 is now complete. We have a
fantastic line up of Briefings presentations and our largest selection of
Training this year.
Briefings: http://www.blackhat.com/html/bh-usa-06/bh-usa-06-schedule.html
Training: http://www.blackhat.com/html/bh-usa-06/train-bh-usa-06-index.html

For the first time in four years, we have been able to expand our speaking
line. This is due to Caesars Palace has expanded their conference space, and
Black Hat will be getting the entire fourth floor to ourselves! This means that
for the first time in four years, we were able to expand the number of
presentation tracks, panels as well as offer more opportunities for networking
in our Human Network area.

Some notes from the schedule:
*A Root-kit focused track draws attention to the amount of work, and the speed
of advancement, going into this field.
*Ajax to Fuzzers--web app sec is taken to a new level. The largest number of
talks dealing with web application security ever delivered at a Black Hat. As
the web moves to a more interactive "web 2.0" model of participation it is only
natural for there to be more risks involved. 
*A Windows Vista Security track which has been garnering a lot of press
lately... this will be an unprecedented first comprehensive look at Vista
security issues
*Jim Christie is bringing his "Meet the Fed" panel over from DEF CON, and the
Hacker Court is back along with panels on Disclosure, a Public Forum on
Corporate Spyware Threats hosted by The Center for Democracy and Technology
Anti-Spyware Coalition, and a new challenge will be presented by the Jericho

Remember, prices increase July 1st for both the Briefings and Trainings.
Register now to get the best rates!

Other News:

Black Hat is pleased to release the presentations from last years Black Hat
2005 Briefings in both audio and video format.

Also a first they will be available for download in both H.264 .mp4 format
(iPod compatible) as well as .mp3 audio. Currently you have to subscribe to the
Black Hat .rss feed to get them, but in the coming weeks we will make them
available through the past conventions archive page.

Black Hat would like to welcome the ISSA as a world wide supporting
association. http://www.issa.org/

Thank you,
Jeff Moss

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