[ISN] Computer Security Market to Grow 13%

InfoSec News isn at c4i.org
Wed Jun 14 04:03:36 EDT 2006



SEOUL (Yonhap) - South Korea¡¯s computer security market is forecast
to grow 13 percent annually over the next five years as spending on
Internet security software rises in both the public and private
sectors, a report indicated on Tuesday.

The country¡¯s digital security market is predicted to rise to 815
billion won ($850) by 2010, and the security appliance market is
projected to post an annual growth rate of 17.6 percent, according to
the report compiled by the South Korean unit of the International Data

IDC Korea said the country¡¯s computer security market posted 8.5
percent growth last year reaching 443 billion won.

The security appliance sector, in particular, is expected to grow
sharply in the future, the report said. adding that more and more
public institutions and private companies in the country are trying to
keep their computer networks safe from burgeoning cyber threats.

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